10 things to help you keep calm the week before your wedding

10 Things To Help You Keep Calm The Week Before Your Wedding

keep calm

10 things to help you keep calm the week before your wedding

keep calm
All the planning is done and you are in the home stretch. Now what? What can you do to keep yourself from going crazy the week before the wedding? Here are a few tips to get organized and KEEP CALM.

1. Confirm details with all of your vendors. Make sure to confirm what time they will be arriving, setting up, and any other important details.

2. Send out your itinerary. Send a copy of the wedding day itinerary to all your vendors, bridal party, and close family. This will help everyone know when to be where and give them fewer excuses to bother you with questions the days leading up to the wedding.

3. Get your décor organized. Make a list of everything that needs to be packed for the ceremony and reception. ( i.e. the unity candle, the cake topper, the card box, the escort cards, candles, etc.) Then pack everything into boxes that are labeled and organized as best as possible, so everything will be easy to find. You will also need to figure out who will be dropping off the boxes at your venue(s).

4. Make a packing list for yourself. Make a list of everything you need to pack for the weekend. Doing this a week in advance will allow you plenty of time to review the list and add to it throughout the week, giving yourself a far better chance of not forgetting anything!

5. Make sure you have your marriage license accounted for. At this time you should already have your marriage license in your possession. Figure out who will be in charge of bringing it to the rehearsal or the wedding. If possible, bring it to the rehearsal and let the officiant hang on to it. Then you will have one less thing to think about!

6. Get your tips ready. Go to the bank and get some crisp bills. Then make and label envelopes and put your vendors’ tips inside. Decide who will be in charge of handing them out at the wedding.

7. Make an emergency contact list. Give your Day Of Coordinator, MOH, or personal attendant a list of your vendors and any important phone numbers JUST IN CASE. It’s also a great idea to give your vendors a contact number they can use JUST IN CASE. They clearly won’t be able to reach you on the wedding day, so make sure they have your MOH’s phone number handy.

8. Get pampered! Get your bridesmaids together and go for a mani-pedi. Not only will this help you prepare for the day, but also allow you some much needed relaxation with your best girls. Don’t forget the champagne!

9. Discuss the wedding day duties and assignments. Make sure your bridal party, family members, and anyone else helping out is aware of exactly what they need to do and when.
10. Set aside at least one hour to spend some alone time with your fiancé.

Between all the planning and your busy lives you probably haven’t spent as much QT together as you would like. It’s important to connect with each other and spend some time NOT worrying about the wedding. Plan a romantic dinner and make a rule – No talking about the wedding!

Just remember that no matter what happens on your wedding day and how perfect or imperfect everything turns out, the important thing is that you are going to marry the love of your life! Keeping that in perspective will help you keep as calm as humanly possible for a bride!

Krista Spinti is the owner of Weddings With A Twist, LLC. She’s certified by The International Institute of Weddings and offers assistance with preparing a timeline, establishing a budget, selecting vendors and more!

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