Creating a wedding registry + a special Crate&Barrel event

Creating A Wedding Registry + A Special Crate&Barrel Event


Creating a wedding registry + a special Crate&Barrel event

I did it. I started the exciting journey of creating a wedding registry. Cue the bells and whistles as I let out an excited “yahoo!”. I’ll admit, it’s pretty great to walk into a store and create a dream wish-list without having to spend a penny. Still, amongst the excitement I was experiencing with my fiance, I had this feeling of angst – am I choosing the right dinnerware? Just how many wine glasses does a couple really need? Will that cheese plate be put to use or take up space in a cupboard in my not-so-large kitchen?

A worrier by nature, these thoughts paced my mind until a very close friend of mine reminded me – registries can be updated whenever and if you have to, you can always return. Whew, relief.

While Milwaukee boasts many unique local registries, I chose to start at Crate&Barrel in Wauwatosa. While we went in on a whim (and there were at least 10 other couples who did the same), Crate&Barrel does host special events just for this occasion. The Wedding Parties events is a party just for you. According to Crate&Barrel, you’ll get inside tips from registry experts, create your perfect registry and celebrate with food, drinks and fun. Mark your calendars, brides, the next event is Sunday, June 2 from 9-11 a.m. at Mayfair Mall. RSVP here.

For those of you getting ready to start your own wedding registry adventures, here are a few tips that I’ll keep in mind for my next store:

  1. Before stepping foot in the store, have a list on paper or in you mind of the items you need & don’t need.
  2. When navigating the store, work through section by section. Completely finish the kitchen section before moving onto bedding.
  3. If you come across an item you’re unsure about, scan it anyways! You can always remove the item later online.
  4. Be practical about your choices but have fun too! It won’t hurt to throw in a couple items that you may not not need, but want.
  5. Remember what other stores you are adding to your registry too, and what they might offer compared to your current location.
  6. Last but not least – have fun!


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