Glam it up with false lashes

Glam It Up With False Lashes


Glam it up with false lashes

Adding false lashes to your wedding day look is an easy way to add instant glam.

I grew up watching my mother apply false eyelash strips in the mirror and remember thinking how glamorous she was. It was a daily ritual for her and although she was a stay-at-home mom, it made her feel and look fabulous.

Thankfully, today’s lash options are much more vast and easily achievable than in days past.

Lash strips are now available in different colors, lengths, curls and thicknesses, so there is something to fit everyone. Easily applied with tweezers and lash adhesive—I recommend the adhesive that goes on light but dries black, as it enhances the eyes by creating a liner effect—these lashes last for a day, and depending on how you care for them, can last the next day, as well. Go from day to night in one fell swoop… glamorama!

For those who need just a little pop to bring out already fabulous eyes, they can add a few lash clusters, which are not complete strips, just a little section of lashes. Apply to the outside corner of the lash line and you’ve created volume without much effort.

Don’t be afraid to try applying any of these temporary lash ideas at home—they’re easy. Whether you choose to go to a professional or pick them up at the local drug store and do them yourself, you will absolutely love the outcome.

For those looking for a more semi-permanent lash, especially with all of the festivities that go on the weeks prior to the actual wedding day, you may consider lash extensions. Eyelash extensions enhance the length, thickness and fullness of natural eyelashes. The extensions may consist of silk, mink, or synthetic hair. Methods of applying the extensions include full strips, clusters, and individual, one-by-one extensions.

WELL Spa + Salon specializes in Liquifan Lash Extensions, semi-permanent lashes that take about three hours for initial application and require, if you desire to keep them, monthly 60-90 minute fills. These lashes are also available in different curls, lengths, thicknesses and styles. Each lash is individually adhered to one of your own individual lashes. As your own natural lash falls out, the false lash falls with it, thus the need for fills.

Liquifan Lashes are incredible and can change the way a woman feels when she wakes up in the morning. No need for mascara, you just wake up and go. But remember, not all lash extensions are the same, nor are the people applying them or the adhesives and products used, so please educate yourself before going out and experiencing them. As with most things, you get what you pay for.

I hope I’ve inspired you to go out and try on a new pair of lashes, if only for a night. I promise you’ll feel incredibly beautiful.

Elizabeth Walsh-Zimmermann is the Director of WELL Spa + Salon. Having grown up in the industry (her mother was a stylist and esthetician), and given her background in art, advertising, sales and management, Elizabeth has developed a deep passion and love for the beauty industry. She feels it’s a privilege to work with such amazing and talented artists who inspire her every single day. The biggest bonus…she helps make people feel wonderful. What more could a girl want?

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