Look gorgeous your whole wedding day

Look Gorgeous Your Whole Wedding Day


Look gorgeous your whole wedding day

Blushing bride Mel’s stunning makeup stuck with her on her wedding day, morning till night. Photograph by Creative Look Studios, makeup by Amanda Shallow at Naturally You

The day of your wedding finally approaches! Fast-forward through the ceremony, formal photos and cocktail hour. How do you think your makeup will withstand the craziness? As hectic as your day is, you’ll probably be keeping a checklist that includes items from your dress and shoes to accessories and overnight bag. What are you forgetting?

Most women don’t realize what the camera does to a person’s face, and makeup in general—and who doesn’t want to look her very best? Your wedding is the one day that you will be photographed from beginning to end, so you want your pictures to capture your happiness, not your shine. Between the day’s weather and all the hugging and kissing, the thought of touching up your makeup might not occur until it’s too late. To avoid this, it’s always a good idea to keep a clutch of “emergency” items for the big day. What are some essentials to put in your emergency day-of kit?

First, if you are hiring a makeup artist to do your wedding makeup, he or she has all the products and knows the layering techniques to keep your makeup in place all day, maybe with a few minor touch-ups after awhile. If you are doing your own makeup, that’s great, too! Just remember, the camera takes at least half of your makeup off in a “flash.” I suggest adding a bit more than your everyday look.

Usually the touch-ups depend on the oiliness of your skin: The oilier you are, the greater the chances that you will need something to blot with. Or perhaps just a bit of powder (MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder is my favorite—you can get it at Macy’s at Mayfair Mall). Don’t overdo the powder, though. Use just enough to sweep across your face and take down some of that unwanted shine.

Other things in your little clutch might include:

  • Something to blot with. E.L.F. has great Shine Eraser blotting sheets, and you can buy them for practically pennies at your local Target. A paper napkin works as well. Remember to blot, not wipe!
  • Lip color. You will be kissing your new husband all day, won’t you? To help the color last, if your lip shade is anything more then a pinky nude, I would try to drink out of a straw all day long.
  • A mini eyeliner, if you opted for a dramatic smoky eye look. Your water line (the inner part of your lower lash line) was probably filled with tears of happiness which washed away what was there. I often use Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Eye Pencil, which you can buy on the company’s website.
  • Blush, but only if you really like those bright cheeks—and don’t forget a mini brush to apply it.

Now, I’m not talking about bringing your whole makeup kit with you, just pick and choose the things that are most important to you and throw them in your bag! Talk to your makeup artist at your consultation. Most of them (like me) offer to pick up a couple things to bring to your wedding-day appointment and just add the cost to your total. That way, you don’t have think about what to bring or where to get them. If you decide to pick them up on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions on what to get. Places like department stores, Sephora (at Mayfair and inside some area JC Penney stores) and Ulta (in the Brookfield Fashion Center) have highly trained experts to find you what you need; they will color-match your skin, too.

Your day-of bag most certainly won’t be all makeup. I would suggest some breath mints, tissues, bobby pins, a mini hairspray and deodorant. Just ask a trusted bridesmaid to give you a heads up if and when you need to freshen up, and you can sneak out. You never know what will happen on your big day, so make sure you have all your beauty bases covered!

Photograph courtesy of Creative Look Studios

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