Milwaukee bachelorette party: Pedal Tavern

Milwaukee Bachelorette Party: Pedal Tavern

Milwaukee Pedal Tavern

Milwaukee bachelorette party: Pedal Tavern

Milwaukee Pedal Tavern photography by Meir Photography

While you’ll still get out with your girls after your wedding day, your bachelorette party is a tradition most brides-to-be are sure to take part of. It’s the perfect excuse to get your best girlfriends together to celebrate this very special occasion. One out-of-the-box Milwaukee bachelorette or bachelor party option is the Pedal Tavern.

Co-Owner Derek Collins says, “the Pedal Tavern is a 16 passenger fun machine! It is a giant bicycle that is centrally located in the heart of Walker’s Point and the Third Ward.” How does it work exactly? The Pedal Tavern supplies a licensed chauffeur to guide your party around the city, with an option to stop at over 20 participating bars with Pedal Tavern drink discounts.

“We encourage bridal parties to decorate our Pedal Taverns,” Collins says. “The more decorations usually leads to more fun. There are a few gem bars that we recommend, but the bridal party has full control of where they want to go.”

Since most bachelorette parties are a mix of high school friends, college friends, co-workers and family, the Pedal Tavern is the perfect way to bring all parties together to make memories.

“In the middle of the Pedal Tavern, there is an open floor. You are allowed to have two people stand in there…this usually leads to a heated dance battle between friends,” Collins says.

Since the Pedal Tavern is a popular option for Saturday bachelorette or bachelor parties, Collins recommends booking 3-5 weeks in advance. And, there’s no need to stop there – the Pedal Tavern can also be rented for your actual wedding day.

One of the reasons the Pedal Tavern is so popular is that it’s a great way to showcase the city. We asked Collins how he would plan the perfect bachelorette party, and here’s what he said: “rent out rooms downtown (Hilton, Hotel Metro, Iron Horse, InterContinental), organize a mani/pedi with everyone and bring your own champagne. Next, head to the Third Ward and get a bite to eat for lunch followed by the most amazing Pedal Tavern ride that you will ever have. Next, have dinner (either at our starting bar, Olydias or somewhere else in the Third Ward like Sail Loft, Ryan Braun’s Graffito or Ale House). After dinner, take a sunset boat ride with Captain Tim from RiverWalk Boat Tours followed with some after sunset dancing at Oak.”

Sounds pretty perfect to us.

Milwaukee Pedal Tavern photography by Jason Puls
Milwaukee Pedal Tavern photography by Jason Puls

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