Whether or not you should tan for your wedding day

Whether Or Not You Should Tan For Your Wedding Day


Whether or not you should tan for your wedding day

Every woman wants to look glowing the day of her wedding, however, how does one achieve the perfect fake glow without looking like an Oompa Loompa? I’ve put together a list of recommended steps to achieve a natural, yet stunning glow.

1. Consider Self-Tanning Methods
There are various methods of application, each offering a different finished product. And remember, you sometimes get what you pay for, so quality is key.

The first form is the dreaded spray tan booth. This technique includes a do-it-yourself spray tan booth where you press a button that directs the machine to dispense light, medium or dark color onto your body. I would absolutely deter anyone from this method since the color is never applied accurately or evenly.

A spray tan that I recommend is customized airbrush tanning, which is where a trained technician provides the tan. An airbrush specialist is educated and trained in choosing the right color for your skin tone, applying an even application to your body without streaks or splotches, and giving you good aftercare advice to maximize your color.

The last form of tanning worth discussing is an actual body bronzing treatment, a service we provide at WELL Spa + Salon. What’s wonderful is that you receive a fabulous natural looking tan while experiencing a relaxing hands-on treatment, all in your very own private suite. This service entails a full body exfoliation, luxurious walk-in shower, an application of a skin quenching moisturizer and a flawless self tan. These steps keep the tan natural, consistent and without blemish, plus it’s always nice to have human contact.

2. Select Your Color Tone
Choose a tone that is one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone in the summer months. Anything more than this will appear overdone and, well, fake. Go for more of a natural look, not like you are on high school spring break trying to shove as much sun into one week as possible. Remember, these pictures will be around forever and you want them to remain timeless.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice
I highly recommend that you try the various methods of fake bake ahead of time, which does not mean two days before your actual wedding. You will want to explore how the color processes over time and how it reacts and changes with your skin tone. You will want to see if and how it rubs off on clothing, as orange pit marks on your wedding dress will not be very glamorous. Experience the different scents of the product, as some can leave a pungent smell, even days later. And shower with the product to see how water effects second day color and what at home care is necessary, if any.

4. Follow Aftercare Instructions
It is imperative to maintain an even, long lasting look. Tan towels and wipes are a secret dummy proof trick to get you by until your next self tan. I would recommend the L’Oreal towelettes, which are sold in the cosmetic section of Walgreens or CVS. I swear by them.

May the sun follow your every footstep and appear real, even when it’s not.

Elizabeth Walsh-Zimmermann is the Director of WELL Spa + Salon. Having grown up in the industry (her mother was a stylist and esthetician), and given her background in art, advertising, sales and management, Elizabeth has developed a deep passion and love for the beauty industry. She feels it’s a privilege to work with such amazing and talented artists who inspire her every single day. The biggest bonus…she helps make people feel wonderful. What more could a girl want?

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