5 wedding day hair decisions

5 Wedding Day Hair Decisions

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5 wedding day hair decisions

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Most brides would agree the grand task of wedding planning can seem daunting. My first piece of beauty advice is to put your thoughts into bullet points and categories, from most important to least. Make a list of things to consider and questions to ask.

For example, here’s a list of five common wedding day hair concerns/decisions and some advice on how to handle them:

1. How will my stylist know what I want even if I’m unsure of what I want?

Look through as many bridal and hair magazines as you can get your hands on. Create a folder and fill it with tear sheets from your favorite dos, even if it means combining several different creations into just one. The more detail you can provide your stylist, the better.

2. Is a trial necessary and why?

A hair trial is crucial when it comes to relieving some stress on your wedding day. I recommend booking a trial about a month before you get married, as your thoughts and ideas may change as the day approaches. Ensure the stylist that you are booking is available for both the trial, as well as the day of your wedding.

Communication is key for a positive outcome; so don’t be afraid to say what you like and what you don’t. If you’re happy with the final outcome, it is a good idea to take pictures, so you can bring those as a reminder the day of your wedding.

3. Do I wear my hair up, down, or up-down?

When it comes to wearing your hair up, down, or up-down, it really comes down to what you want, what makes you feel good, and the overall look you are trying to accomplish. Your hair should be an extension of who you are and you have to feel really beautiful and comfortable the day of your wedding. If you think you might like to wear your hair up, but then take it down for the reception, you’ll want to discuss this during your trial, as it may require some extra steps like pre-curling and lighter pinning.

4. Should I add hair extensions for length or fullness?

If you’re growing your hair length because you are hoping to pin it up on your wedding day, don’t worry. If it isn’t long enough when the day comes, there are incredibly beautiful and natural hair extension options available. There are permanent extensions that can be bonded to your own hair, there are clip-in extensions that can be easily added and taken out the same day, and there are pieces that can be temporarily added to create fullness and volume for whatever look you are trying to achieve. If extensions are considered, it is even more important to have a trial, as color or highlights may need to be added to match your own natural hair, and this will need to be done ahead of time.

5. How do I take off my veil without ruining my hair for the reception?

Remember to bring your veil to your hair trial, and if you don’t have one yet, bring a photo of what you have in mind so your stylist knows its placement when considering every detail. Your stylist can show you how to take off the veil and where the pins are located to ensure you remain camera ready.

For an extra service charge, you may also be able to reserve your stylist after the wedding to take your hair down, style it differently or make small changes, as well as remove your veil and do touch ups. You will, of course, want to discuss this ahead of time and make sure she is available.

Are you exhausted yet? I am just thinking about it! Take a breath we shall get through your beauty concerns together. Just remember to embrace the day with the destination in mind.

Elizabeth Walsh-Z

Elizabeth Walsh-Zimmermann is the Director of WELL Spa + Salon. Having grown up in the industry (her mother was a stylist and esthetician), and given her background in art, advertising, sales and management, Elizabeth has developed a deep passion and love for the beauty industry. She feels it’s a privilege to work with such amazing and talented artists who inspire her every single day. The biggest bonus…she helps make people feel wonderful. What more could a girl want?

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