8 wedding DIY do's and don'ts

8 Wedding DIY Do's And Don'ts

diy dos and donts

8 wedding DIY do’s and don’ts

After working with many couples, I have seen a lot of DIY projects. Some have been successful and others have not…. Here are a few of my personal suggestions:

  1. DO choose some DIY projects if you are crafty and if they can be made well in advance. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding day.
  2. DON’T choose projects that need to done the day before or week of the wedding. This will only add to your stress and issues may arise that cannot be fixed by the time of the wedding. You won’t have time for a redo or plan B!
  3. DO look to friends and family for DIY help. Use talents of those around to help save a little money, without putting too much on your own plate. You might have an aunt that’s great with flowers and can help with centerpieces. Maybe your grandma makes really great cookies that you can use as wedding favors.
  4. DON’T try to do everything yourself. There is a reason there are professional vendors – they are good at what they do! You can find professional vendors that will do amazing work, but will not break the bank.
  5. DO some price comparing. Some people think DIY projects will save them a lot of money, but sometimes by the time you buy all the different pieces and spend all that time putting it together yourself, you might as well have just paid a professional to do it. Make sure you know everything you will need before you start the project and then realize it’s way more expensive than you thought.
  6. DON’T think hooking up an iPod is the same as hiring a DJ. Who will man the iPod all night? What if you didn’t make a long enough play list? Who will make all of the special announcements such as the grand march, cake cutting, and the first dance? DJs set the tone for the entire event and can read the guests and know which music to play to get them on the dance floor!
  7. DO hire a professional bartender. Even if you are hosting a casual, backyard wedding, you need someone to serve the drinks and keep the bar stocked. You shouldn’t have to deal with running out of ice on your wedding day! Let someone else handle it!
  8. DON’T forget to find someone to help with setup and take down. Whether you have friends and family that are able to help or want to hire a professional, you will need someone other than yourself to set up and take down all of your DIY projects. Weddings With A Twist offers setup and tear down services. Please contact us for more details.

Krista Spinti is the owner of Weddings With A Twist, LLC. She’s certified by The International Institute of Weddings and offers assistance with preparing a timeline, establishing a budget, selecting vendors and more!

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