Secrets to a flawless face on your wedding day

Secrets To A Flawless Face On Your Wedding Day


Secrets to a flawless face on your wedding day

In my last post, we tackled a few of your hair concerns. But we still have one of the most personal and transformational services to cover…The Makeup Application. As I’ve mentioned previously, at WELL Spa + Salon, we really recommend scheduling a trial ahead of time, as makeup can be tricky and we want to ensure your day begins without a hitch (no pun intended).

The number one thing that needs to occur before your makeup application has even begun is for you to communicate your absolute vision to your artist. Be clear about what you like, and more importantly, what you don’t like, as sometimes this is easier. If you normally don’t feel comfortable with liner or mascara on your bottom lashes, let the artist know. If you want more of a natural look as compared to a bold one, make that known, as well.

Now, airbrush versus traditional makeup application, you wonder? Brides are always asking what are the differences between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup application, and the answer is an easy one. Airbrush makeup was created for the film industry more than thirty years ago. Photography, film and video continue to evolve and with this growth, we entered the world of high definition and digital production. To put things simply, digital film is pixelated or made up of thousands and thousands of tiny little pixels, creating the unbelievably clear final image we see on paper. When you think of watching a high definition film, you know exactly what I am talking about… things almost appear clearer than in reality. Because of these advances, specialized makeup with a whole new application process was created—enter airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is liquefied makeup that is mixed with air and then sprayed onto the skin in tiny little micro-particles, filling every pore and crevice, preparing your skin for perfectly flawless photos. Yes, please!

If you don’t think airbrush makeup is for you and you’re brave enough to tackle makeup application on your own, here are a few quick tips. Make sure you use a moisturizer right before you apply your foundation, as it goes on much easier and evenly, and keeps your skin from looking dry or crinkly. Just don’t use it on your eyes. Always use a primer, as well. It helps maintain your makeup longer and keeps it from getting greasy or from moving. There are eye, lip and face primers out there, but I usually use the same one for everything.

Soft, neutral color pallets look amazing on anyone. You can change an entire look by adding a pop of color on the lips, while the eyes remain more soft and natural. Day-to-night transition? No problem! Bring out the eyes with a little cream liner along the lash line, add smokey eye shadow contouring and a couple of party lashes, and voila, you instantly have a night look without much effort. One key thing, if you are wearing darker eyes, you usually should go lighter on the lips, and vice versa. You don’t want two different areas competing with one another or your look may become too ‘done up’ or intentional—unless of course, that’s the look for which you are going.

One last important tip for you lovelies. If you have your makeup done at a salon, I would definitely recommend purchasing the lip gloss and or lipstick, as well as a little loose or pressed powder before you leave, as they are the two most important items you will need to reapply continually throughout the day.

Elizabeth Walsh-Zimmermann is the Director of WELL Spa + Salon. Having grown up in the industry (her mother was a stylist and esthetician), and given her background in art, advertising, sales and management, Elizabeth has developed a deep passion and love for the beauty industry. She feels it’s a privilege to work with such amazing and talented artists who inspire her every single day. The biggest bonus…she helps make people feel wonderful. What more could a girl want?

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